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Advice for Parents of Kids in Public Schools

In public school in the 90's, I learned to make friends, enjoyed sports, learned how to interact with adults, learned perseverance by walking home from school in the rain and snow, and even a little bit of self-defense from bullies (I was the skinny kid with glasses, soyou know how that goes). It was also in public school that I clearly saw how the world worked; what it ...

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How To Think & Pray About the Situation In Israel

Unthinkable things have taken place the last couple of weeks in Israel - terrorists in the name of Islam and the destruction of Jews (and Americans) have slaughtered hundreds in just a matter of days in Israel, and we await Israel's response which will likely be intense, and bloody, and appropriate as they defend and respond to the attacks. We must pray for peace Israel an...

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October 8, 2023 Sermon Application & Discussion Guide


October 8, 2023 Sermon Application Discussion Guide...

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Engaging LGBTQ Friends With The Gospel

bible thought bubble

How do we share Christ with those who identify as LGBTQ? Well, we know that we must have a firm grasp of what it means as humans to be made in the image of God. Start there (Genesis 1:26-28), and be fully convinced that what God has made is good (start at 38:06 for image of God discussion)! But, we must proclaim God's truthbecause the truth sets us free! And what is God's ...

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What's The Big Deal With The "Call to Worship"?


A clock tells you what time it is. An alarm clock tells you that it's time todosomething about it! In the same way, the "call to worship" is more than just a reminder that church starts at 10:00 am, or that you need to take a seat;the "call to worship" and the "benediction" serve as biblical and theological bookends to call and remind us of what we are about as believers i...

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Motivation for Sacrificial Ministry

Motivation for Sacrificial Ministry The uncreated, eternal, perfect, and holy God is a servant. That's right, Jesus Christ the second person of the Trinity "came not to be served but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many" (Mark 10:45). Recently I have been reading in the gospel of Mark in the mornings at home, and I've been struck by this verse again. Not ...

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Teach Us to Lament

teach us to lament

Last Sunday, we prayed a corporate prayer of lament. Below is slightly edited transcript of that prayer, as a model for how to lament biblically. ...

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Kids Christmas Choir Song - "Isaiah 9:6-7" (Corner Room Music)

We are a go for our "2021 Kids Christmas Choir"! See below for Sunday instructions For those who have been rehearsing our "Isaiah 9:6-7" song, kiddoswill line up along the walls of the auditorium just before the service with Tara Wilkendorf (2nd-6th; left side wall facing stage), and Jaime Layton (K-1st; right side wall facing stage). The congregation will sing an o...

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Not "just an old man": The Gift of Gray Hair in the Family of God

even to old age and gray hairs

"Back when I was in my prime..." We've all heard it: the former athlete reminiscing about bygone years of glorious competitions and victory. The talk show interview with the 70's rockstar who can't quite hit those notes anymore, but loves to boast of stadiums packed to the last seat. As we age, it's tempting to think that our greatest achievements were "back then" whe...

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Love Never Ends

love never ends

Love Never Ends ("The Corner Room" Music) A Musical Memorization Aid for 1 Corinthians 13 Several months through first Corinthians 13 - arguably the most famous passage in the Bible on love - promises to be a rich, and transformative time. We are looking forward to all the Lord will teach us and how we will grow together in genuine love as a Body. One way to help prepar...

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Prayer Card for Last Week’s Visiting Missionary to Italy


"I am eager to preach the gospel to you who are in Rome ... for it is the power of God unto salvation to all who believe ..." (Romans 1:15-16) Cesare (pronounced Chess-uh-ray, or Caesar) was in town this last week and shared of his heart for Italy, where his family plans to return in a few months. According to some estimates, 99.5-99.7% do not know the true gospel and few...

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A Bunch of Ways to Pray for Your Church


Here's how we've been praying as a church for the last year or so in our corporate times of prayer......

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Providence - God's Pervasive Sovereignty


The providence of God is his purposeful sovereignty by which he will be completely successful in the achievement of his ultimate goal for the universe. (John Piper)...

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Sing We the Song of Emmanuel (New Song)

Below are the lyrics and video for a new song that our kiddos will be singing on December 20th to bless us this Christmas season. Start listening, and have fun! Sing We The Song Of Emmanuel (Matt Boswell) Verse 1 Sing we the song of Emmanuel This the Christ who was long foretold Lo in the shadows of Bethlehem Promise of dawn now our eyes behold Chorus 1 God Most H...

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Corporate Worship as Service and Sacrifice


"Is there anything I can do to serve this Sunday?" That's a great question, and one that I have been asked over and over during this unique time in our church's life. The reason it is unique and different at this moment, is because many of the usual opportunities to "do something" (on Sunday, in particular) have changed, and can seem not quite so obvious. Our church is me...

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Songs for Troubled Times

Screen Shot 2020-05-13 at 5.46.32 PM

What songs can Christians sing in troubled times? Here are a few recommendations from members of our music ministry. ...

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How to Pray for Political Leaders (by Frank Erb)

It is easy to criticize our government leaders and complain about their decisions. In fact, some of them make it extremely easy for us to do this! However, there is a better way....

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