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November 27th - Sermon Application & Discussion Guide


November 27th - Sermon Application Discussion Guide...

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"Discipling" - by Huston Swift

This was a testimony of God's grace through the discipling relationships in Huston Swift's (one of our Deacons) lives....

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What's The Big Deal With The "Call to Worship"?


A clock tells you what time it is. An alarm clock tells you that it's time todosomething about it! In the same way, the "call to worship" is more than just a reminder that church starts at 10:00 am, or that you need to take a seat;the "call to worship" and the "benediction" serve as biblical and theological bookends to call and remind us of what we are about as believers i...

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Motivation for Sacrificial Ministry

Motivation for Sacrificial Ministry The uncreated, eternal, perfect, and holy God is a servant. That's right, Jesus Christ the second person of the Trinity "came not to be served but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many" (Mark 10:45). Recently I have been reading in the gospel of Mark in the mornings at home, and I've been struck by this verse again. Not ...

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September 18th - Sermon Application & Discussion Guide

discussion guide

September 18th - Sermon Application Discussion Guide...

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A Prayer of Confession

praying hands

Corporate Prayer of Confession 8-28-2022 Lord, forgive our sins. Forgive the sins that we remember, and the sins we have forgotten. Forgive our many failures in the face of temptation, and those times when we have been stubborn in the face of correction. Forgive the times we have been proud of our own achievements and those when we have failed to boast in Your works. For...

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Abortion resources

This past Sunday I preached on "Our Infinite God and Infants in the Womb" and the audio and video and notes and footnotes are at this link. In Sunday School we also had a discussion on abortion arguments and the gospel and some shared of their own abortions and God's grace and how we can share it. Here is the link to that audio. Several asked for the link to the video we ...

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Pray for Utah trip

Utah Sunday presentation slide

Early this morning, Saturday July 23rd, our team left for Utah. Several gathered to send them off with prayer and love. It will be a long day, over 10 hours driving, and I know they would appreciate prayers for travel mercies, and a blessed time together. Below is a link to their day-by-day itinerary and how you can be praying for them: ...

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A Prayer of Praise for the End of Roe v Wade

A prayer of praise for the end of Roe v. Wade Our Father in heaven, you are the infinite Creator who has infinite care for all of life you create in your image, from the unloved to the unborn. Your Word speaks of pregnant Rebekah and Mary and Elizabeth and others as having children inside them. You say in Ps 139 "you knitted me together in my mother's womb. I praise you...

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Teach Us to Lament

teach us to lament

Last Sunday, we prayed a corporate prayer of lament. Below is slightly edited transcript of that prayer, as a model for how to lament biblically. ...

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