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Being with and speaking with grieving friends

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The Bible tells us to mourn with those who mourn and weep with those who weep. How can we better be with those who grieve? With friends and family in our church family who have experienced loss in recent days and years, how can we better seek to care for those who suffer the sorrow of departed loved ones? Being with and Speaking with Grieving Christian Friends Christ's E...

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Missions on Purpose


Before Gold Country Baptist Church had a building, or even property, it had a passion for the Great Commission and missionaries. The group of men that came together to form the first elder board, despite the small size of the church and its very limited income (to the point that Dale didn't even have a salary yet), committed to place missions as a high priority. Past...

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Podcast Recommends For The New Year

bible thought bubble

It's that time of year when so many people are thinking about changing habits. Whether that's health, household, or professional habits, routines around time in prayer and studying God's Word, or something else, many people are thinking about adjusting parts of their life this month. One of my prayers for myself and my church family is that Christ empowers and impels our o...

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Compassion for Congo

c4c girls

Compassion for Congo is a ministry for the care and support of churches and orphans in Democratic Republic of Congo, Lubumbashi area. It was a ministry of Community Bible Church (CBC) Placerville until August 1, 2023 when the CBC elders voted to make it a ministry of Riverbend Church, under the oversight of the Compassion for Congo board. The board members are Riverben...

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Advice for Parents of Kids in Public Schools

In public school in the 90's, I learned to make friends, enjoyed sports, learned how to interact with adults, learned perseverance by walking home from school in the rain and snow, and even a little bit of self-defense from bullies (I was the skinny kid with glasses, soyou know how that goes). It was also in public school that I clearly saw how the world worked; what it ...

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How To Think & Pray About the Situation In Israel

Unthinkable things have taken place the last couple of weeks in Israel - terrorists in the name of Islam and the destruction of Jews (and Americans) have slaughtered hundreds in just a matter of days in Israel, and we await Israel's response which will likely be intense, and bloody, and appropriate as they defend and respond to the attacks. We must pray for peace Israel an...

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Engaging LGBTQ Friends With The Gospel

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How do we share Christ with those who identify as LGBTQ? Well, we know that we must have a firm grasp of what it means as humans to be made in the image of God. Start there (Genesis 1:26-28), and be fully convinced that what God has made is good (start at 38:06 for image of God discussion)! But, we must proclaim God's truthbecause the truth sets us free! And what is God's ...

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Let's Keep Praying For Our Government

Here is a video clip from Tuesday when I was asked to give the invocation prayer for our County government board meeting. I tried to model the principles of 1 Timothy 2:1-4 which we use to pray for our governing bodies at times in our church, with thanksgiving and the gospel in mind. It was good for me to be with those serving our communities and to interact with them a bi...

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Missing Limb - Reflections On Our Mutual Need For One Another In The Body of Christ


Throughout the week I was thinking through some tough parenting things, and also watching others go through similar struggles, and I realized that we make life much harder than it needs to be. How? Why would we, why would I do that? Life is already hard enough. You see it was made harder, because I wasn't reaching out. I was choosing to stay in my struggle alone. Here I a...

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The Law of God is Good and Wise

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A couple weeks ago as we began our sermon series on the Ten Commandments we introduced this song that introduces God's Law in a very helpful way. It was written in 1863 by Matthias Lioy and does a good job bringing Old Testament and New Testament and Law and Gospel together: TheLawofGodisGoodandWise [sang to tune ofBeforetheThrone ofGodAbove] 1.ThelawofGodisgoodandwi...

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