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Questions and Answers audio from Sunday night

Click here for the Questions and Answers from Sunday night. Topics include: County health updates, children's ministry, civil disobedience, upcoming election, Grace Community Church and John MacArthur update, Marxism, Black Lives Matter, keeping our focus on Christ ...

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Men's Conference with H.B. Charles - Registration Is Up!

H B Charles

Announcing the upcoming "Man of God Conference" Friday Saturday, October 9-10. Our partner church Grace Bible Fair Oaks will be hosting the conference and they write: "Despite the many restrictions placed on assemblies due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are thankful to be in a position to host this conference in a safe yet enriching environment. Our church has been blessed...

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Care, Community and Communication - Application Questions

These are the application questions from Sunday's message on the back of your song sheet. I would encourage you to use this for those you are in relationship with from our church to help interact about things of the Word, or use in your personal or family devotions. If this is helpful for you or your family or something you'd see valuable for small group or discipleship ti...

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Where We Stand on Safety, Singing, and Scripture as our Authority for Worship


Where does GCBC stand in terms of safety, singing, and Scripture as our authority for worship? Here is the short version followed by the expanded explanation from last Sunday (7/26): 1. GCBC is committed to continue gathering, in safety and unity 2. GCBC is discussing when to move our primary services inside in keeping with #1 (for more on this see notes on #2 farther ...

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Join a Week of Prayer for the Nations (Paul Washer and TMAI)

490D7B9F-29EF-4BA0-89DC-51102183DB32 As we keep missions before us, it's good to be praying for concerns much bigger than our nation. In March I shared the picture of a friend of mine who is leading the new training center in the Middle East to keep in prayer. We support the Luciano's in the Philippines with TMAI and their organization has provided a way below for us to r...

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Corporate Worship as Service and Sacrifice


"Is there anything I can do to serve this Sunday?" That's a great question, and one that I have been asked over and over during this unique time in our church's life. The reason it is unique and different at this moment, is because many of the usual opportunities to "do something" (on Sunday, in particular) have changed, and can seem not quite so obvious. Our church is me...

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Guest Speaker Tony Arnds and the Coalition for Christ Exalting Churches

It's a blessing to have friends in ministry. A couple years ago Tony Arnds invited me to be the speaker at their family camp in Potter Valley where he's pastored for many years and it was a sweet time for our family. I invited him to speak for us while I'm down at the Master's Seminary for my 2-week module. Tony and his family have visited our church in the past and he's ...

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A Tribute To My Friend Cliff


In February, Pastor Cliff announced to the church his plan to transition away from his staff pastor role at the end of June. We are thankful he's continuing to serve as an elder. In his words, he's not stopping or retiring from ministry, he's just stepping away from office tasks and redirecting his gifts to serve outside the office. He's also refocusing on family in this s...

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A Counter-Cultural Conversation on Social Justice, Race, the Gospel, and Movements like BLM

Voddie and Friel.JPG

Last night our Young Adult Group met as the first part of our Counter-Culture study, introducing the topic of justice biblically, what scripture has said on this subject and what social justice movements like Black Lives Matters have said (among other related topics). Click here for the handout, including perspectives on the movement from Al Mohler, John Piper, Voddie Bau...

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International Bible Conference with Pastor Phil and Friends


Brothers and Sisters, These are tumultuous times in our world and nation. People are isolated, opinions have divided us and ethnic tension is reported daily in the news. As God's multi-ethnic church around the world, we are united by the gospel of Christ. I want to invite you to a multi-national conference with speakers across our country and globe where Christ is bu...

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