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A Prayer of Praise for the End of Roe v Wade

A prayer of praise for the end of Roe v. Wade


Our Father in heaven, you are the infinite Creator who has infinite care for all of life you create in your image, from the unloved to the unborn. Your Word speaks of pregnant Rebekah and Mary and Elizabeth and others as having children inside them. You say in Ps 139 “you knitted me together in my mother’s womb. I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Wonderful are your works” 


Today we praise you for babies who will wonderfully live instead of die! We praise you that in some States those being fearfully and wonderfully made right now will longer need to fear being killed as a result of the Dobbs ruling 2 days ago. We rejoice in your wonderful works that brought us into this world and will now bring millions more into this world in the years ahead. We stand amazed and give you praise for the reversal of Roe v. Wade. You have answered prayers of millions for decades beyond what we ask or think. You are the sovereign and supreme Lord over the Supreme Court. You are the God over all government. So we give you all glory, laud, and honor as the King who turns the hearts of men.


We ask that you would turn the hearts of fathers to children, and mothers to the life You are knitting together in their womb, and adoptive parents and agencies who many will now turn to. Father, turn the hearts of politicians and practicers of abortion to see what they call a “fundamental right” is fundamentally wrong. 


Turn the light on in hearts to see not a choice but a child. We know changed laws in some States is just the start, we need changed minds as well to see unborn life. We need You to change hearts to see the need for eternal life in Christ. May this decision move Christians to speak the truth in love, in the media and on many platforms, including the gospel truth that saves murderers and us. We remember that David who wrote Ps 139 was a murderer you forgave and saved, as was the Apostle Paul.


As we celebrate many States that will end abortion, there is much hate and rage we pray for. Protect the court Justices and uphold justice and law and order in our nation, and protect pro-life ministries as they come under attack, like Pregnancy Counseling Services in PV. I pray for our local county that more and more will come for ultrasounds and ultimately for the saving of babies and souls. I pray for our church for families and children we might minister to or even adopt.


I pray for our witness and wisdom, that we will have courage and compassion.

I pray for our State and country, in hope that abortion will go the way of slavery. You are the God of hope who has answered hopes and prayers to give us hope.

These things we pray in the name of Jesus who loves the little children. Amen.

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