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Family Camp - testimonies, video and wrap up


GCBC Family Camp 2021 was such a blessing, so thankful to Jen and Kiana and Brittany for coordinating and all who helped and served and shared. For pictures of family camp set to video click here


Below are links to the testimonies shared by Cory and Hannah Freeman and Ethan and Lisa Trepepi, the Beauchamp family (new to our church) and Jerry and Donna Layton. The messages by Pastor Corey, Pastor Mark, and Pastor Phil are also there. 

If the above link doesn't work for you, you can click here


As we wrap up, below are the lyrics to the pastoral "rap up":

There’s joy in the Lord even though we’re sinners
The world asks the reason for the hope that’s within us
We don’t need flushing toilets to praise the Lord
We don’t need a wood fire pit to make s’mores
We don’t even have a cell signal, that’s nice
We can still do hikes and watch Princess Bride
We don’t need power, we don’t even need showers
We don’t need to mention pastors breaking quiet hours
We don’t mind stink, we don’t need clean feet
We don’t need much to eat, or even much sleep
And we don’t need internet for us to connect
We just need tents and a place to be with friends
We might be in the dirt but we’re also in the Word
All we need is Christ and being with His church
That body of water nearby is nice
But what we need most is the body of Christ
Fellowship, discipleship one to another
Worship and relationship with sisters and brothers
To have a good time Christians don’t need much
We’re all happy campers when we live God’s love
We praised His name, and heard the book of James
Now as we go from here, let’s not leave unchanged
So raise your hands in the SKY - if you’re thankful that we had this time
And everybody kick your feet - if you love to be with GCBC (repeat)


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