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International Bible Conference with Pastor Phil and Friends


Brothers and Sisters,


These are tumultuous times in our world and nation. People are isolated, opinions have divided us and ethnic tension is reported daily in the news.  


As God's multi-ethnic church around the world, we are united by the gospel of Christ. I want to invite you to a multi-national conference with speakers across our country and globe where Christ is building His church and bringing people together. The Conference is called "Remember God", and serves to keep us focused on God in all of life's circumstances.  

All the video messages are available at


Note: the page references live broadcasts but you can view the various days on the above page by clicking the drop down for Conference2020 on the upper right part of the screen. It will then give you various days to choose from with the below screenshots. 

Those presenting are brothers I count as friends in the ministry.  Many of us were in seminary together, and I will be studying with some again in July. 


You'll hear the voice of God's Word with Various accents: Southern (Stuart), Australian (Andrew), Zambia & Madagascar (Chopo & Faly), Manhattan (Andy), and they even let THIS guy from Shingle Springs join in! 


Praise the Lord we're a part of something much bigger than our small church! I commend to you each of my brothers below and friends afar as they seek to draw us closer to God and each other!
















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