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It's Sunday, but Friday's Coming (Palm Sunday to Good Friday)

Palm Sunday Good Friday






It's Palm Sunday But Friday's Coming

Poem by Pastor Phil Layton 


It’s Palm Sunday. A donkey is borrowed, a fig tree will be cursed tomorrow.

     Jesus will weep over Jerusalem in sorrow for what’s coming for its sin.


It’s Palm Sunday. The first day of the week. All Israel is there for the feast.

     The city is filled with sheep, as the Lamb of God is coming to die on Friday


It’s Palm Sunday. With the sheep there’s goats, some are taking off coats

     to lay down before Jesus on the road, but little did they know

     Friday’s coming …and Jesus will be stripped of His robes

     and made to walk another road.


It’s Palm Sunday. It’s just business as usual for many,

     buying and selling and the high priest’s moneychangers are making plenty,

     robbing their own in a house of prayer about to be emptied. Friday is coming.


It’s Palm Sunday. Jewish pilgrims coming with psalms they’re humming,

     Jerusalem is buzzing, They don’t know what’s coming Friday.


It’s Palm Sunday. Word is out Lazarus, who Jesus raised, after he was dead 4 days,

     he’s coming with Jesus, we hear the praise, but Friday's coming, too


It’s Palm Sunday. “Blessed is He who comes...” the disciples are yelling.               

     “Hosanna to the Son of David,” is what they’re telling,

     and the crowds are swelling. But it’s only Sunday, Friday is still coming.


It’s Palm Sunday. Thousands are waving palms. Children are singing along

     but the Pharisees are sore displeased with their song and so Friday’s coming


It’s Palm Sunday. The blind and lame are being healed, prophecies are being fulfilled,

     the priests plan Jesus to be killed, as Friday is coming.


It’s Palm Sunday. The scribes are offended by what these Galileeans shout,

                              they tell Jesus to rebuke the crowd

                              but He says if they keep silent the rocks will have to cry out.

                                    It’s the Creator’s coronation but His cross is coming.


It’s Palm Sunday. Multitudes are all smiles,

     hoping Messiah-King will get rid of all Gentiles, set up a kingdom in style

     all the while Friday’s coming.


It's Palm Sunday, it's time for Messiah-King to conquer Rome as He takes His throne,

                             but Friday came without that, and Jesus was left all alone,

                             His disciples fled to their homes.

                                    It was Palm Sunday but Friday was a comin'

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