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Pray for our brethren in Canada - UPDATE







The weekend of May 2nd another church building in Canada (this time in Ontario, Trinity Bible Chapel) was seized by the government for gathering to worship according to their biblical convictions rather than man's restrictions. Their pastor is a graduate of Southern Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky, and they continued to meet when in January their province re-banned church gatherings beyond 10 people (later modified to a small fraction of their congregation). I've been following this story and here's what their Pastor Jacob Reaume powerfully wrote:

"Churches used to sing songs like Charles Wesley’s “O For A Thousand Tongues to Sing” and mean it.  We still do.  But it’s now cost us our facility.  That’s after policemen sat outside our lot in cruisers on Sunday to chase our people down and ticket them after the service for gathering to worship... Combined we are facing over $40 million in fines with jail time.  That’s not enough, so they’ve taken our building.

They took our building because they think that will stop us from worshipping... The early church met in the catacombs under Rome.  The Covenanters met in fields.  John Bunyan led his services in forests.  Churches find ways to worship together, as surely as water flows downhill...

The Province [by worship restrictions / prohibition] would have essentially owned not only our building, but also our fellowship and also our worship.  We did not let them own our building.  We did not let them own our worship.  We did not let them own our fellowship.  So they stole our building, at least temporarily.  We’ll keep our worship.  And we’ll keep our fellowship.  Many churches around these parts think they still own their buildings, but they already voluntarily handed their buildings and their people and their worship over to Caesar months ago.  We just forced Caesar to come and take the building, but we’ve kept the church.  Caesar can have the brick and mortar.  We’ve kept the church for Jesus."

“…you joyfully accepted the plundering or your property, since you knew that you yourselves had a better possession and an abiding one” (Hebrews 10:34). 


Click here for the rest of his statement and let's pray fervently for our brethren up north

NOTE: The trial with James Coates of GraceLife Church in the Alberta province is happening May 3rd-5th. Let's pray, church in North America! 

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