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Kids Christmas Choir Song - "Isaiah 9:6-7" (Corner Room Music)

We are a go for our "2021 Kids Christmas Choir"!

See below for Sunday instructions

For those who have been rehearsing our "Isaiah 9:6-7" song, kiddos will line up along the walls of the auditorium just before the service with Tara Wilkendorf (2nd-6th; left side wall facing stage), and Jaime Layton (K-1st; right side wall facing stage). 
The congregation will sing an opening song - "Hark! The Herald Angels Sing", after which the kids will be ushered up to sing! They will then be sent to find you in the congregation. 
Pastor Corey would like to encourage our "kids choir" families to sit near the front of the room, so the kids are able to find you easily - and to help make room for guests in this Christmas season. See you Sunday!