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Guest Speaker Tony Arnds and the Coalition for Christ Exalting Churches

It's a blessing to have friends in ministry. A couple years ago Tony Arnds invited me to be the speaker at their family camp in Potter Valley where he's pastored for many years and it was a sweet time for our family. I invited him to speak for us while I'm down at the Master's Seminary for my 2-week module.

Tony and his family have visited our church in the past and he's participated in pastor's fellowships with us and shared their resources with us. Tony has been a keynote speaker at the Exalting Christ Conference and founded the Coalition for Christ-Exalting Churches to "advance the Gospel by strengthening, revitalizing, and planting churches in Northern California. We also do this by connecting pastors for mutually edifying relationships, equipping men for ministry, and by collaborating with churches to spread the gospel."

The coalition, like us, is committed to the solas of the reformation, the doctrines of grace, expository preaching, and the sufficiency of scripture in counseling. For more, go to:

As a part of this our brother is praying about and pursuing planting a church in the Folsom area, and they would appreciate our prayers as gospel partners (Philippians 1:5)