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Testimonies from the Nations and Prayers for our Nation



This was one of the highlights of the year to hear testimonies from those who have been serving among the nations, and praises and prayers for our nation. There is also a great testimony from a newlywed couple in our church, Max and Brittany at the end. Below has time markers you can click on to go to certain parts of our recent praise and prayer time:

Kaitlyn Gregg short-term mission testimony  2:00

Joyce Owen Guam mission testimony - 18:55

Praise and prayer for armed forces in our nation and abroad - Kirby - 36:00

Prayer for revival for our nation - Nancy Lovejoy - 43:30

Local outreach invitation and supplication - Chris Morris & Corey Millican - 49:40

Praises and prayer for ministry of JAF - Diane Haller - 56:00

Providence Christian School praises and prayer for all schools - Gail - 61:30

New Member Testimonies - Brittany & Max Kulikovskiy- 70:00 

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