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Remembering Ty Lenehan as His Church Family

Remembering Ty Lenehan

Friday morning, January 21st, Ty Lenehan sadly and suddenly went to be with the Lord in the line of duty. A newer believer and member of our church (Gold Country Baptist in Shingle Springs), Ty was the officer of the Elk Grove Police Department in the fatal motorcycle collision on highway 99. Pray that God would comfort his wife Jessica and their two kids aged 15 and 13. This hits me hard as I have two kids the same age as his kids, and I am just two years older than Ty. Pray for our church family as we minister to this family in these days ahead, and for God's comfort and grace.

Many of us knew Ty in our church family through his faithful service and involvement in various small groups and ministries of our church. He was known for his big heart for the Lord and for his family, and of course, for his larger than life smile. He was also one of our greeters on Sunday morning and his grin at the front door of our church is already deeply missed. I had the blessing of being in a small group of men with him that met every other Tuesday, and several men were even closer with Ty in other groups and prayer gatherings the last 2 years. Ty served with our security team and with the outreach team where he was a joyful evangelist, wanting to share his faith.

He wanted people to know his Lord as their Savior more than anything. He was ready to meet his God, and based on God's Word, he's in heaven, not based on being a good person (as he knew he wasn't good enough), but by the good news of the gospel that saves us and changes believers from their sin (Romans 3:10-12, 10:9-10, Ephesians 2:1-10). This is the hope he had and we have as we share his faith in Christ. He wanted unsaved friends or family to know his and their only hope for heaven is by grace alone through faith alone in Christ alone and what He did on the cross for them. 

This is what he wrote as part of his membership process in joining our church in 2020.


Nine months ago our brother shared some of his life story and testimony with our men's group. Listen below for our brother in his own words about God's grace in his life


Here is an interview that CBS13 News did with some of Ty's GCBC friends (Sean Downey, Phil Layton, Eli Callnon, and Jason Hill) who loved him, and who have been impacted by Ty's friendship and love for Christ. 

CLICK HERE for a link to the longer text version of the extended interview and an article by the same outlet entitled "Big smile, Big God, Captain America"

Below is another follow-up feature on Ty's faith and church, filmed at the GCBC cross. We pray our brother's life keeps pointing people to the cross, which was his great desire.  

CLICK HERE for video clips sharing his faith at the funeral and memorial services


CLICK HERE for a nice cover story by our local newspaper with quotes from his siblings and more about his faith 

We pray this page and our friend's life and message will bring comfort and Christ to many 



Ty’s faith in Jesus was so evident and for this we praise God.
Thank you for this message honoring Ty, my family has so much love in our hearts for him. Our love and support to his entire family and any one connected to him we may not have had the opportunity to know yet.
Thank you for all you have done. I am Ty’s sister and our whole family is grateful to your church for being support for Ty the past few years. We also appreciate the offer of support for Jessica and the kids in the future. We know it will take a village to help them and we hope they continue to have strong ties with you all. Thank you for your blessing in our lives.

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