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Voddie Baucham on Racism, Black Lives, Critical Theory, Social Justice, and the Gospel



Click here for helpful clips from interview by Pastor Voddie Baucham on Racism, Black Lives Matter, Critical Theory, Social Justice, and how these concerns relate to the Gospel. Some of you have heard this before earlier this summer but it's well worth the 15 minutes or so to listen again with further links to study more, as these topics dominate the media.


Click here for the PDF notes we used in our Young Adult Group at the time, as referenced above with several further links to study these subjects further. These resources we first made available in June as these cultural movements were growing but it's as important as ever that we have a biblical understanding both of the reality of racism and the radicalism of revolutionaries (more on this in the 9/6 & 9/20 Sunday sermon at GCBC). 


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