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“Wokeness” and our Witness


In last week's message, the "woke movement" was mentioned by Pastor Corey briefly in relation to our witness for the gospel (I also referenced the "woke mob" in the prior week on why people rage against oppression in Psalm 2). For those unfamiliar with the term, the slang term "woke" arose in popular culture with the Black Lives Matter movement and describes those who are are alert ("woke" or awakened to) social injustice, systemic racism (ex: in systems of law enforcement), and societal oppression (of non-whites, sexual and gender identity "minorities" and others). 

As our culture becomes more and more polarized, politicized, and divided by related racial and social justice buzzwords and bandwagons, we need to consider how the gospel relates and how to relate to those who differ for the sake of sharing the gospel. This is well worth the time to listen to this message on how the world's diagnosis and solution divides, but Christ unites and His gospel can actually heal partiality and prejudice.

Click here for a related study GCBC did last summer from Voddie Baucham explains more on racism vs. the wrong ideology behind critical race theory (CRT), BLM, etc.  


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