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February 20th - Sermon Application & Discussion Guide

Attributes Discussion Guide (1)


What to do right after the service to help “the Word dwell more richly,” within us (Colossians 3:16):

1. Instead of rushing off after the service is over, or talking about the latest news, develop the habit of talking about the sermon with people after church. Start spiritual conversations by asking, “How did the Scripture challenge or speak to you today?” Or “what about God in the message encouraged you?”


2. Encourage someone by sharing things you learned about God from His Word during the sermon. Make note of how your thinking has changed. Don’t let biblical teaching be a one-time event that fades from memory as soon as it is over (James 1:22-25). Choose one or two particular applications to share

[Above from book Nine Marks of a Healthy Church Member]


For further Application, Meditation and Conversation on today’s text:

Date: 2/20/2022 - The Glory of God - Phil Layton - Romans 3:23, 11:36

  1. Why is it important to think of sin in relation to God's glory and His attributes? Re-read Romans 3:23 and 1:17-23 if needed. 


  1. How could you explain to an unbeliever why sin is so serious and how we all fall short? If needed, consider examples from the message about the Grand Canyon, Matthew 5:48, and warnings of failing to glorify God in Revelation 14:7, 15:4, 16:9, Acts 12:21-23 (Herod), and Daniel 5:22-30 (Belshazzar).


  1. How does Romans 11:36 help you understand your purpose, and the solution to your problem of sin? How should this affect how you view your life this week?


  1. What do these other verses in Romans teach us about the glory of God and the application it could have in our lives?

- 4:20  

- 5:2

- 8:18

- 9:23

- 15:6

- 15:7

- 15:9


  1. What other scriptures speak of how we're to glorify God? How can you pursue one of those this week and encourage others to, even today?