Clothing Guidelines

GCBC Varsity Clothing Guidelines*

God’s Word calls us to honor the Lord in every aspect of our life, including what and how we eat and drink (1 Cor. 10:31) and what we wear (1 Timothy 2:9: “in modest apparel, with propriety and moderation [or ‘discretion’]” - NKJV).

For the purposes of GCBC’s Sunday evening youth program, our desire is to honor the Lord and foster an environment that does not offend, distract, or detract from our main purpose in gathering, which is to glorify and worship the Lord and grow in the knowledge and likeness of Jesus.

Bearing in mind that part of the evening we will be attending the worship service time with the corporate body of Christ, and at times we will be interacting with the opposite gender, as well as having a game time, we ask that the young men and women of GCBC abide by the following in regards to clothing
during the VARSITY program:
 Hats - Guys: please remove hats while in the worship service

          Shoes – Please bring athletic footwear for games time (non-marking soles please)

o   No garments with offensive or inappropriate writing, language or pictures (check with leaders if not sure).
o   Underwear should not be visible at any time (including while doing athletics, raising arms, etc.).

o   Shorts must be no shorter than mid-thigh. No split-sided jogging shorts or spandex shorts will be permitted.

o   For the girls, no short or "mini" dresses or skirts are allowed, and leggings may be worn only if the remainder of the clothing fits these guidelines without the leggings.

           Shirts - The VARSITY T-shirt or an equivalent T-shirt or collared shirt with short sleeves is recommended but not required (please also bring extra layers for colder evenings as necessary). If an outer garment is taken off during game times, Please ensure the inner garment still adheres to these standards.  

o   Guys: No sleeveless shirts or low-cut arm openings

o   Girls: No revealing or overly tight shirts or tops showing cleavage or midriff or underwear. No straps less than two finger lengths wide on tops (check with female leaders if not sure if a particular outfit is modest enough).

*Please see also the Modesty Study.