Prayer Opportunities

Prayer Opportunities
Looking for opportunities to pray for GCBC, our community and the world? Here are some prayer resources:

For the nations
- Click here for a message to stir hearts toward praying for and having a passion for this
- Come to our monthly missions group which is devoted to prayer in this regard
- Contact the church office below to receive the missionar prayer requests monthly
- Pray for unreached people groups (see Joshua Project to the right)

For our nation and state
- Click here for how to pray for national and state leaders and to receive weekly leaders to pray for by name and face and a way to contact them to know you prayed for them that day
- is a ministry of Capitol Commission, is a prayer-devoting gospel-oriented disciple-making ministry to the capitol communities of our country

For our families
- Click here for a guide to gospel-centered prayers for our children

For our church family
A Pastor's Prayer Requests
Submit a Prayer Request (will be listed publicly)

To submit and/or receive prayer requests on the Sunday Prayer Sheet contact the church office at 530 677-4122 or email: