Contact Info

Contact Info
Direction & Leadership to GCBC Women's Ministry
Communication with Elders and/or Deacons

Linda Cain (530) 677-5926

Care & Discipleship
Training in Biblical Counseling (At GCBC & Away)
Oversee Women's Care & Discipleship Ministry

Bonnie Bachich (530) 677-9122

Contacts Through Calls, Cards, Emails & Visits
Educational Resources (books/pamphlets in foyer)

Donna Hall (530) 644-5673

Bridal & Baby Showers, Gift Baskets for Seniors,
Spring Tea & WM Breakfast

Jaime Layton (530) 306-0786

Meals Ministry, In Home Fellowship Meals,
Koinonia Women's Fellowships &
Contact for Women's Conferences/Retreats

Sue Peppers (916) 201-4520

Ordinances & Meals:
Baptism, Communion, Memorial Services, 
Fellowship Meals, Elders Welcome Lunch, 
Kitchen Supply & Care

Gail Gilbertson (530) 672-6657

Office Staff:
White Cross Baby Blankets for Cameroon, 
Pregnancy Counseling Center &
Ladies Bible Study Contact

Vicky Murphy (530) 677-4122 

Elder Oversight
John Rucker (530) 677-5623