Sunday Service Times


New Time! Sunday School: 8:45am

New Time! Morning Worship Service: 10:00am


Evening Worship Service: 6:00pm

Sunday morning worship

What to Expect in the Service
The glory of God is the supreme and central focus of what we are about here as we strive to exalt our Sovereign Lord and His sufficient Word. Our morning corporate worship service is at 10:00 AM and our evening corporate worship service is at 6:00 PM. Services usually begin with brief announcements, prayer, and the public reading of Scripture. The focus of the service is then to worship God with psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs, some from the hymnal as well as a blend of God-centered newer songs, led by our choir, which also offers special music to the Lord. Our worship then continues in the Word of God, usually by an expository sermon (explaining a passage of Scripture) for the bulk of the remaining service, concluded by prayer, a final song, and a benediction (blessing from Scripture) by one of the Elders who help shepherd the church.

What About My Young Children?
During the corporate worship services at 10:00 AM and 6:00 PM, children of all ages are welcome at all times, even as Jesus welcomed children while He was teaching adults. We also want moms to be included equally during the teaching, as Jesus included women equally. So we also offer a nursery and class for toddlers and younger ones (up to grade K/1st) also during the service with gifted and godly servants who can help care for young children and enable moms to be in the service the whole time to be fed God's Word so they can more effectively spiritually feed and shepherd their children during the week. There is a cry room with video streaming in the lobby and a nursing lounge also available in the lower floor women's restroom with audio streaming of the message.

As children are being trained to sit in with their parents, we welcome and encourage them as they are able in the service as well. Click here for some resources on how to help children learn to benefit from worship and the Word preached, and please let a Pastor know of any questions or ways we can support your family situation.

If I'm a visitor, should I take communion on a Communion Sunday?
Once a month, usually the first Sunday, our service concludes with a time of communion (also called "Lord's Supper" or "Lord's Table"), which is for those who are following Jesus as Lord in a committed relationship with Him and who have first examined themselves and confessed sins before partaking, including visitors from of other gospel-preaching churches and those wanting to be a part of this church. If you are a visitor and are not sure if you should partake of communion in light of the above, we would recommend you first talk with a pastor to make sure you "discern the body rightly" as the communion text states. We would ask young children, those who are not committed followers of Christ, and those with unrepentant sin towards the Lord or His people, to not partake of the bread or cup, and to talk with a Pastor afterwards if needed. If you have not been baptized, Pastor Phil would encourage you to talk to him first about that first step of obedience, which should normally precede communion.  

Sunday School

Please Ask an usher or contact GCBC's office for a list of Sunday School classes.

Children's Sunday School Classes:
We believe God's Word teaches parents (and fathers in particular) are primarily responsible for the instruction and discipleship of their children (Ephesians 6:4), and both family worship during the week and corporate worship on Sunday are the most important elements. In addition to those biblical priorities, gifted teachers in the church help families and come alongside parents with reources and teaching that supports and supplements parental biblical teaching in the home during the week. Parents are welcome to sit in on their child's class at any time. Our bulletin has a section for "GCBC parents" that you can use as part of your family instruction to talk about and apply what was taught in Sunday School, and there are parent resources also available in our Thursday night children's ministry (see AWANA page for more details).

'Generations of Grace' is our biblically based and God-centered children's curriculum we use with children three years old through middle school. Rather than merely focusing on familiar or famous children's stories and simplistic moral lessons, this curriculum covers all the Old Testament historical books, the life of Christ, and lessons from Acts and Revelation, over a three year span. Generations of Grace is designed to magnify God by studying His character in the pages of Scripture. We can better understand who He is and how we are to respond to Him by studying how His redemptive plan unfolded and how He used men to accomplish His purposes. Every week, children in each age range learn from the same passage of Scripture in a way that is appropriate for their respective age levels. We call this a "unified curriculum." A unified curriculum enables families to discuss one passage together each week, reinforcing the lesson that children have learned in Sunday School. Discussion and application helps are provided to the parents in the bulletin each week.