Pastor's Prayer Requests

Pastor's Prayer Requests

A Pastor’s Prayer Requests 


Humility - that I would be constantly fighting personal pride and cultivating humility, and striving to spread a high view of God and low view of self. 

Dependence upon God - that my prayer life would increase and deepen, and that I would prevail with God to give men faith and repentance so that I can prevail with men to believe and repent! 

Compassion - that I would be sensitive to and sincerely troubled by what troubles you, and have discernment to deal with real issues rather than symptoms, and courage to speak the truth in love. 

Balance - that I would have God’s grace to balance time and care to my wife and family, as well as the vital shepherding of this church family, and that my life and teaching would never be imbalanced, as “the holy Bible is wholly taught.” 

Patience and Wisdom - that I would have much of God’s wisdom to guide my every step in leading this precious flock, and that I would have patience with those who disagree, as we grow together. 

Pure Motives - that I would be motivated by the prospect of the glory of Christ and not by self-interest. 

Diligence & Hard Work - that I would discipline myself for painstaking labors and hours deep in study, because God’s Word deserves it and God’s people need meat to grow. 

Doctrinal Stability - that I would stand unwaveringly on sound theological truth, with discernment to avoid frivolous discussions, needless debates, and unprofitable controversies that veil the beauty of Christ. 

Meekness Towards Men - that I would have such confidence in the sufficiency of Scripture that I need not be quarrelsome or harsh. 

Zeal - that the truth would affect my soul first before I ever present it to you and that my passion will be genuine and contagious. 

Clarity and Power of Teaching - that I would have the Spirit’s empowering to make clear the supremacy of God’s glory by the exposition of His word, with accurate application toward life-transformation. 

Reverence - that I would refuse to patronize sinners through entertainment but rather that I would preach under the judicial gaze of a holy and awe-inspiring God. 


Adapted by Phil Layton from a fellow pastor 

(Originally from Richard Baxter) 

 Apart from Christ, I can do nothing, but with the prayers of you faithful friends, let’s see what GOD will do!