GCBC Utah Short Term Ministry Trip

 Utah Sunday presentation slide

Utah STM Prayer List (July 23-29)

Please contine to pray with us as we launch for our missions trip this Saturday at 6am. Check in here for daily updates and prayer requests.

7/25 - 7/26 UPDATE:

Below are some photos from the last couple of days - Monday and Tuesday - take a look at the updated itinerary in the image below, and you'll have an idea of what we're been up to! Will return later to add some better captions to the photos - keep praying, church! God is working in us, and growing us each. May the Lord help us all be faithful with the many interactions we each have day-by-day in our lives.




(Huston and Corey at Temple Square overlooing the Temple under construction for earthquake renovations)


7/24 UPDATE: Sunday morning we were blessed to attend Refuge Church (where Joesph and Allie Haller are members), and enjoyed a sweet time of worship and fellowship. Shortly after, we went down the street to attend an LDS sacrament service (their Sunday gathering). There is no preaching in these services, but a form of communion in which they make their covenants (promises to God to not sin) and repent of the sins of the week; an act that is required for their ongoing progression toward perfection, godhood, and eternal life in the afterlife (in one of the three heavens they teach). We did not participate in the communnion or singing time, as they are worshipping a false God. But, we did observe and pray a lot! While there, after the service, were were blessed to sit down with two LDS male leaders and one lady, who share their stories with us, and allowed us to share the gospel (Huston Swift gentley and boldly shared a clear gospel message with the group). It was a cordial time, and we had many follow-up conversations after the meeting with those in the room, where many of us were able to clarify the gospel, ask more questions so they could clarify their terms, and to extend the hope of Christ to them. Stretching for sure! We invited many to come to "the Blue House" where we are staying for a BBQ, and shared our phone numbers to many we met at the LDS church (called a "ward"). Though none came - they don't do much on Sundays, and it was their "Pioneer Day" Sunday - we prayed for all we met by name, and got ready for the next day, full of challenging gospel conversations and interactions as we sought to love these dear LDS people, to help them know the true Christ! Below are some 


(team in the car headed to do some grocery shopping for the bbq)


(right before we headed in to the sacrament meeting)

7/23 UPDATE: We made it to Utah! We were blessed by a group who came to the church early in the morning on Saturday to pray and send us off. Here are a few pictures from the trip. We enjoyed sweet conversations and prayer on the way. Talked through lots of topics related to Mormonism and Christianity, and read some helpful chapters in a Biblilca worldview book, to keep sharpening our understanding of how to relate to unbeleivers in love! Enjoy the pics, and look back this week for more updates!


(lunch stop in Winnemucca, NV!)





(this is how many LDS wards/churches surround the "Blue House" where we are stayinh. Pray for LDS souls to be won by God's grace!)





  • To have no complications in travel as we drive there and back
  • To depart and arrive safely
  • To be protected from danger
  • For Pastor Corey leading the trip 

Financial Support

Praise God! All funds came in, and we are fully funded by God's grace, and your generosity!




  • For our team not to forget anything in packing
  • For our team to feel (and actually be) well prepared
  • For our team to be spiritually prepared to engage with unbelievers trapped in darkness
  • For our team to be intellectually prepared with God’s word memorized
  • For our team to be physically prepared for a challenging week
  • For our team to be emotionally prepared for a draining week
  • For the logistics to fall into place, and that nothing would hinder our work

Our Team


  • For the continued health of the team before, during, and after the trip
  • That we bond together around the purpose of our trip
  • That preparations will come together well
  • That the team will be built up spiritually by the trip.
  • For God's blessing in team ministry activities.
  • For the salvation of souls and the strengthening of believers.
  • For restful and restorative sleep at night in unfamiliar surroundings.
  • For quick and seamless adjustments to Mormon cultural differences.
  • For joyful flexibility as plans change for whatever reason.
  • For our team to learn how to more effectively evangelize Mormons
  • For our team to be willing to push ourselves until empty - sacrificially serving
  • For our team to choose joy no matter how many opportunities there might be to complain
  • For Joseph and Russ to find the right people for us to interact with, and that our team tone and demeanor would communicate godly maturity and love.
  • For humble, thankful, joyful attitudes ALL week long (no matter how hot it is)

Conversations and Conversions


  • For the Spirit to open blinded eyes and that unbelievers would see Christ in all of his glory.
  • For boldness in sharing Christ with Mormons in a way that is loving, gracious, and humble.
  • For God to prepare the people we’ll meet
  • For God to help us remember what we study
  • For God to bring scripture to bear on our conversations
  • For God to help us engage in conversations in ways that shows love for them and honor for God

The Hallers, Russ East, UPC and gospel churches in Utah 


  • For the spiritual development, strength, and growth of the partner churches and missions that we will work with.


Saturday July 23:

5:45am - meet at GCBC, pray with pastors and deacons

6:00am - depart (two cars)

Arrival at blue house in evening. Get settled in evening,

Sunday July 24:

Morning: Church at Refuge

Afternoon, Mormon sacrament meeting and Sunday school.

Dinner at the Blue House

Evening, debrief, worship and prayer at Pineview Reservoir.

Monday July 25:

Morning: Be at the Pioneer Day Parade to hand out water bottles and Gospel Tracts wound around the water bottles. Leave the Blue House at 8am

1-5 Temple Square Scavenger Hunt

Dinner at Food Court near Temple Square

Meet with Bill McKeever Director of Mormonism Research Ministry at his home at 7pm for a Q and A session. Their website is 

Tuesday July 26:

Weber State apologetics tables and banner stands outside-some go to an Institute class 

Car wash in the afternoon

Evening have a BBQ with people we have invited over from the Ward and met at the Car Wash, Weber State, and the Institute

te and the Institute.

Wednesday July 27th

Morning:Work project at the Blue House 9-noon

Afternoon: Meet with Mormon Missionaries in the morning and do door to door invitations for Liberty Bible Church 4:30-7:30- Leave the Blue House at 4:30 have dinner with the Pastor from Liberty Bible at 5pm, then hand out invites to Liberty Bible Church door to door from 5:30-7:30

Evening: Jennifer Gerritsen help with moving 8-10  This is a Mormon friend of ours who is selling her home and needs help moving from her home. Will explain more how this single mom could really use the help from your team.

Thursday July 28: 

Morning: Sunstone Symposium

2:30-6pm Gondola mountain debrief outing.

Evening back at the Blue House reflecting about the week and how to apply the things learned back home at Gold Country.

Friday Friday July 29:

Drive back to CA