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Care Conference


GCBC Spring Conference

April 28-30, 2023

Conference Sessions - Video Recordings

Session Message 1: Have You Not Read? - The Content of Biblical Care

Session Message 2: He Breaks the Power of Canceled Sin - The Savior as All Satisfying Object of Care

Session Message 3: Whose Job Is It Anyway - The Context of Biblical Care

Session Message 4: How Change Happens - The Goal of Biblical Care

Session Message 5: Caring for Our Families - Working Out God's Design In The Home

Session Q & A: Brian Sayers, Graeme Grant, Corey Millican

About the theme

The Scriptures call us to do all sorts of things in the life of the church. But, primarily, our ministry as  believers is caring for other believers with the Word of God, through prayer, encouragement, and exhortation, as we persevere in following Christ.  

The reality is…sometimes it's really difficult. If you’ve ever had someone come and  share a burden with you, or confess a sin, and you think “I'll pray for you”, but wonder what to do next, then this conference is for you. How do the saints help one another, as a frontline of spiritual care in eachothers lives? That is not primarily or only Pastor’s and deacon’s job, but it’s the church’s ministry. We want to equip our church body to do this better and faithfully.

Brian Sayers - Director of the Faith Biblical Counseling Center and Pastor of Counseling and Equipping at Faith Bible Church, in Spokane WA - will join us to explore and better equip us to do "the work of ministry" (Eph. 4:12), through ordinary acts of love, and mutual care of each other's souls, so that the church family can be strengthened, and the world witness the Christian love that comes from above.