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Our Deacons

The Deacons in our church are godly, gifted, qualified men who assist the Elders in the care of the church. The Greek word for deacon is “diakonis” and means “servant", and "one who ministers alongside; ‘helper.”’ This does not mean that deacons are merely table servants or glorified property managers. What it does mean, is that the deacons come alongside the elders, assisting them in the care of the church, freeing the Elders up for "prayer and ministry of the Word” (Acts 6:1-8). The Deacons, in partnership with the Elders and the Body, exercise leadership and minister to the Body in strategic places of ministry.

We thank God for these men who have been called to serve in this capacity, are gifted and qualified, tested, and are joyful servants to the Body of Christ.  


Michael Cote


Kevin Freeman

Sean Downey


Graeme Grant

Nate Lyday


Don Myers

Huston Swift


Jason Hill 

Tim Plaxton


Neil Wilkendorf

 Robin Haller