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Songs for Troubled Times

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What songs can Christians sing in troubled times? 

Here's our Spotify Playlist to help us do just that!

This is a list of songs curated by our music mininstry team to help you keep your heart and mind focused on Christ, our unshakable hope and refuge, in times of trouble. Feel free to share with others! 

Also, here is a list of many of the songs that we regularly sing at GCBC; our GCBC Song List. Listen all week long, and better learn our GCBC Songs so that we might "exhort one another with psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs" (Col 3:16) with better familiarity and passion!

Songs for Troubled Times

From Jason:

  • I Will Wait for You (Getty) We have been singing this song of desperation, and hope, and trust in God and His Word for several months now - its a cry for help and reliance in the midst of pain. We declare: "I will wait for you, on Your Word I will rely; I will wait for you...for your love is my delight". 

From Heidi:

  • Praise You In This Storm (Casting Crowns) From Heidi: "This song, based on David’s Psalm 34 is a reminder to focus our hearts to praise God in the storm. It is a reminder of how God wants us to live, with praise always on our lips. To rejoice in him even when we are afflicted. To stay in the presence of others, who are also full of praise, so you can hear and join in. In doing this you will fill your heart with God and keep your eyes fixed on him. Knowing He will deliver us from them all, in this world or the next"

From Melinda 

  • "We Look to You" (Sovereign Grace) - "Remind us this is not our home; We look to You, we look to You"
  • "My Redeemer's Love"(Sovereign Grace) - "He will hold me in the tempest
    Through the flood He carries me"
  • "Though you Slay Me" (Shane & Shane) - "Though You slay me, Yet I will praise You; Though You take from me, I will bless Your name; Though You ruin me, Still I will worship; Sing a song to the one who's all I need"