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A Counter-Cultural Conversation on Social Justice, Race, the Gospel, and Movements like BLM

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Last night our Young Adult Group met as the first part of our Counter-Culture study, introducing the topic of justice biblically, what scripture has said on this subject and what social justice movements like Black Lives Matters have said (among other related topics).

Click here for the handout, including perspectives on the movement from Al Mohler, John Piper, Voddie Baucham, and a letter from Shai Linne to help his white sister in Christ understand his perspective and pain. The Cripplegate article by Kevin Huang is also very helpful in discerning and distinguishing statements. 

I was encouraged to share the recorded conversation with others as we need to be aware of and in prayer about these things, even as we seek to express care in ways consistent with the gospel. Click here the audio from last night's conversation with your young adult group (many of whom are very much living in some of these terms in the college circles).

Click here for just the audio clips from Voddie Baucham we discussed (recorded as part of a Glenn Beck podcast dated 6/18/2020. The PDF handout includes other YouTube videos from him where he discusses and develops more what he mentions in the audio.

May God help us pursue the scriptures above with sensitivity for Christ's glory  


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Very informative readings/audio that hit all the emotional, intellectual, and spiritual levels. Thank you!

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