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Let's Keep Praying For Our Government

Here is a video clip from Tuesday when I was asked to give the invocation prayer for our County government board meeting. I tried to model the principles of 1 Timothy 2:1-4 which we use to pray for our governing bodies at times in our church, with thanksgiving and the gospel in mind. It was good for me to be with those serving our communities and to interact with them a bit before, and good for all of us to be reminded of how scripture calls us to pray for our civil authorities. Many of us have concerns about our state and our nation but we also have a sovereign Lord who has the government on His shoulder and the whole world in His hand. He is at work and He calls us to be salt and light and call upon Him and call others to, and I would encourage you to join with me in praying in these 1 Timothy 2 ways



Invocation for county board of supervisors meeting September 19, 2023


Thank you for the opportunity to give the invocation and since this is my first time to do so, I wanted to let you know we also pray from time to time in our church services for you and our government on the county and state level. We are thankful for what you do and I know it’s not easy at times, and you need support and help. So it’s my privilege to offer some prayer support now as we all need God’s help.


Heavenly Father, I thank you first and foremost for life and health, because that is a gift not all have and that we can’t take for granted. I thank you for the abundant life offered in your Word through your Son and His mercy beyond this life as we look to Him in faith. I thank you for all who protect and serve and honor life in our county from first responders to law enforcement to medical personnel and others, and I ask you to protect and serve them. 


I praise you for the beauty of your creation in the foothills, and the beauty of freedom that we have in our land, that much of the world knows nothing of. It’s a privilege to be able to have meetings like this today where leaders consider the needs and requests of their people. God, you have blessed America and may you keep blessing us as we keep looking to you for help.


Your word commands your people to seek the welfare of their community (Jeremiah 29:7), and I believe that’s the desire of everyone in this room. I ask Father that you give discernment to decision-makers as to what would best promote the welfare and wellbeing of the citizens of El Dorado County. I want to thank you for those in authority over us as your Word also calls us to (1 Timothy 2), we want to submit and support them as you call us to, so we can live peaceful and dignified lives that please you. Give our supervisors wisdom that only you can give in any difficult discussions or decisions today or in the future. Help them to have strength and courage to what is best, help them to communicate well and listen well. Give them grace, that grace we all need, that amazing grace we sing about, that undeserved kindness that your word shows us in my Lord and Savior Jesus, and it’s in His name I pray these things. Amen.