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Care, Community and Communication - Application Questions

These are the application questions from Sunday's message on the back of your song sheet. I would encourage you to use this for those you are in relationship with from our church to help interact about things of the Word, or use in your personal or family devotions. If this is helpful for you or your family or something you'd see valuable for small group or discipleship times, please let me know, and any suggestions for how to use or improve the application questions ( 

Here are the questions from last Sunday's sermon (click here to watch or listen if needed)

  1. What dynamics in Acts 2:42-47 can you pursue and offer to others in the days ahead? How and when?
  2. Why is the Acts 20:20 vision important (“publically and from house to house”)? What takes place in home settings that can’t take place as well in public?
  3. If you have been blessed by a home group in the past, share why with someone else
  4. How has someone encouraged you specifically in these times?
  5. Why is the “together” aspect so important in Colossians 2:2? How have you seen how important that is to be face to face in these times?
  6. Which of the verbs in Colossians 1:28 and 2:2 (admonishing, teaching, encouraging hearts, being knit together in love) do you need to to pursue more? How and when?
  7. How can you encourage someone not yet regathering at a church to return?
  8. Thinking of care, community, and communication - how and when can you help pursue those more with your church in the fall?