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The book of James - a video introduction

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Sunday 5/25 we resumed our series in James where we left off on Sunday evenings last year. I mentioned in the sermon (click here) this may be helpful to watch and reflect on

The above gives a visual message of the aim of James for our lives (think James 3:10-14, 1:22-27, etc.). How we speak of and to each other and the consistency of our faith and works is seen by God, if not others, as James 2 argues. James challenges us about how we use our tongues (most of chapter 3) and what's going on inside of us (James 4:1-2) before we speak to and about others around us (James 4:11-12). The video was humbling as I could see me - but for the grace of God - and even the same van we used to have, and sin in it on the way to church!  

14 months ago we were doing a series on the book of James that we didn't finish in-person (though some brothers shared some messages online). I look forward to us finishing this practical book. Click here for that "James 2020 series" and we'll preach through the rest of James 4 and 5 in the weeks ahead, Lord-willing (James 4:15 :) 

Here is another helpful video by the Bible Project with a great overview of the book of James to help orient us in the flow of his argument and themes. 

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That was a pathetic illustration of many a Sunday for us when the kids were little! I imagine it will resonate with everyone to some extent. I think you ought to show it to a larger audience than will probably see it here -- maybe even at the beginning of your sermon. It may engender laughter, since we've all been there, but also conviction that may cause some young parents to think twice.

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