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Video Welcome for First Outdoor Service - June 7th we go! Our first gathering in 3 months! We'll be outside, so here's a little look at where we're we'll be seated, and what to look forward to....

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Encouragements from sisters in Christ


Here are some encouragements from four GCBC sisters in Christ in four different stages of life, answering the question "how has God grown you or encouraged you in these times?" One wrote: "As for the blessings during this time, seeing more of my husband ... as well as not having so many commitments and slowing down. The quiet pace suits my lazy nature, I like not being "b...

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Re-Gathering & Registering for Sunday, June 7th

This Sunday, June 7th, we are gathering again on site at GCBC! What a blessing from the Lord. The team of servants that are preparing for our gathered time are working hard to ensure that this is a safe, encouraging, and worshipful time and atmosphere.Here's a bit of info regarding our gathering plans, and what you need to know: Registration (click here to register): w...

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A Pastor’s Prayer for Minneapolis and our Nation


Last week I was out of town so I recorded Sunday's sermon early in the week before the grievous footage and fate of George Floyd played out in the streets of Minnesota, and the grievous aftermath unfolded last weekend in streets across America. If I was doing the service live, I would have mentioned these events in the message and/or in my opening prayer after reading the ...

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5/26 Praise Update on GCBC Re-Gathering in June


We are very encouraged to share the news that churches may soon begin re-gathering for worship in groups of up to 100!...

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Notes on Regathering - Biblical Principles and further links

Below are some notes with biblical principles discussed on this Elder QA Video GCBC PURPOSE STATEMENT: This church exists by the grace of God, for the glory of God, which shall be the ultimate purpose in all its activities. (Ephesians 3:21; 1 Corinthians 10:31) APPLIED TO "RE-GATHERING* SAFELY, LEGALLY AND IN UNITY FOR GOD'S GLORY":*Re-gathering may be a better biblical ...

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5/23 UPDATE on GCBC Plans Q&A

Update as of 5/22 afternoon: GCBC is thankful for our government's statements today regarding churches as essential. [update: later that day the United States Court of Appeals upheld current CA Law restricting church gatherings. We will track legal developments in a future post].We were already planning Saturday to meet as Elders regarding our regathering plans and to do...

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Personal or family worship as we await church family worship


Your Word I have treasured in my heart, that I may not sin against You --Psalm 119:11 (NASB). In our fight against sin, we need to treasure God's Word in our heart, that's the heart behind fighter verses being hidden or stored up in our heart like treasure or riches for ourselves and to be shared with others. Below is the next "fighter verse": Let the word of Christ dwell...

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Application and Group Discussion Questions for 5/17

For personal or family or group discussion after the message to help apply further the message from May 17th. Click here for sermon audio, video, and full sermon notes Sermon title: Thanking God for Christ's Kingdom Blessings (Colossians 1:12-14) 1st point: Thank God for Christ's inheritance (v. 12) How does giving thanks relate to joy in the end of v. 12? How do...

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Don’t Waste this Time - Pray for What Matters Most Globally (With a Tribute to Joyce Lin)

The one thing I wanted to take time to write this week is much bigger than our church and what's on our minds. There are great concerns about our nation, but let's keep the Great Commission on our mind, and the Glorious Christ's concern for all nations. It's been my burden in these times to keep missions before us, as a pastor but also as a person who grew up on the missio...

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